Mon, 23 Oct 2017 20:06:49 GMT

Arama Japan (press release)

Hokkaido government publishes manga on how to act during a missile alert
Arama Japan (press release)
North Korea has taunted Hokkaido with two missile flights this year, first in August and again a few weeks later in September. The Hokkaido government reacted to the missile threat by producing a manga that gives advice on what to do when the sirens ...

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The Guardian

How to survive a North Korea missile attack (according to Japanese manga)
To a broad range of genres that include action-adventure, comedy, historical drama, horror, mystery, romance and science fiction, Japan's manga comic book publishing industry can now add: How to survive a North Korean missile attack. Authorities in the ...
Hokkaido releases manga comic to combat North Korean threatThe Guardian
How to Survive North Korea Missiles According to Japanese MangaNewsweek
Manga comic tells Japanese what to do in the case of a missile or nuclear
Channel NewsAsia
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Inspired by manga to cook a pot of mixed rice
The Straits Times
For someone a little obsessed with Japanese culture, it has taken me too long to discover manga. Until this year, I had never read a Japanese comic and now, it seems, I cannot stop. How do I nip the addiction in the bud when I have discovered a whole ...